Are You Tired Of Weight Loss Plans That Never Work?


Lord knows I was. 

I think over the years, I have seen and heard it all.

More like “Lose Your Mind!”  If I wasn’t starving, I was busy trying to get the square root of a carrot so I’d know what the proper portion size was for my meal.  Honestly, who has time for that?



I sure know I didn't! But here’s the thing… while most of those plans do work, they’re almost impossible to maintain over the long haul. 

Face it. If you’ve cut most of the carbs out of your diet, how long before you cave in on doughnut day at work? Or if you’re eating meals the size of your pinky finger, what happens when you can’t take it anymore and supersize EVERYTHING?

If you’re anything like me, it didn’t just stop at the doughnut or the 1 drive-thru meal.  It derailed everything.

Within an hour of the “cheating,” I felt guilty and like a failure.  My mindset was, “well, I already blew my diet for the day.  I may as well enjoy the rest of the day.”  And that was it.  My diet was over.  It may have taken another week, but truly, it ended the day I “cheated.”

Does that sound familiar?

My Journey To Lose Weight Once And For All

My name is Michelle Warner and I have always struggled with my weight. When I was in school, I was always one of the last people to be chosen for any team in PE class. I wasn't super big, but I definitely wasn't athletic.

After a stint in the Army, (thanks Mom!), I went to college and my Freshman 10 became my Freshman 20. Ugh! My sophomore year, I looked in the mirror and had enough. I went on a Diet Coke and tuna crash diet. I would work out in the campus gym for an hour a day and lived on a grapefruit for breakfast and then a Diet Coke and a can of tuna for lunch and dinner.

Boy!  Did I lose weight! I looked awesome and I couldn't keep the boys off me. What a nice problem for a 21 year old girl to have! The real problem was this type of diet is impossible to maintain and totally unhealthy. I mean really. You can only eat so much tuna before you start growing gills and have permanent fish breath. To this day, I HATE tuna!

But I didn't give up

Okay, well temporarily I did. I went back to normal eating and just kind of watched what I ate. By the time I graduated college, I still looked pretty good, but not Diet Coke and tuna good. I kept looking for a way to look that great and not have to go to such extremes for it.

During this time, I met and eventually married the man of my dreams - Mike. Mike was awesome. He was, (and is) everything I wanted in a guy. He was caring, compassionate, and treated me like I was the center of the universe. After dating for 2 years, he popped the question and I happily accepted.

My heart soared with joy -- and so did my weight!

Over the next 5 years, I gained 40 pounds. I felt like I was as big as a house!

Here's me with our dog Peter on the
couch. I weight close to 200 pounds

I really wanted to lose all that weight, but it was a LOT harder than it had been in college. There was no time to work out between juggling work and taking care of Mike and the house.  Diet Coke and tuna (God, just the thought made me gag) wasn't going to cut it.

I yo-yo'd back and forth losing 10-20 pounds, but never completely losing that weight.

Then my worst fears seemed to become reality...

The problem is, I never had the best self-esteem in the world. Between my weight and other things, I just thought that I didn't have a lot going for me. (I was SO wrong about this, and if you feel that way about yourself, you are, too!!)

Anyway, Mike had always made me feel like the center of his universe. After our careers really took off, I felt like Mike and I lost some of our connection. All my time was spent at work and when I wasn't there, I was trying to keep the house up. Life had become an unending circle of work, clean, sleep.  Now before you go hating on Mike about not helping around the house, be clear.  He kept up the yard, which was no small feat, and he also worked as many hours as I did.  He was far from laying on the couch drinking beer while I cooked and cleaned!

Anyway, at that year's Christmas party for Mike's work, I noticed there was a particular female coworker that was paying a LOT of attention to him. Worse, she wasn't just pretty, she was gorgeous. She was tall, had this fabulous blonde hair that just made you want to smack her and a smile that said, "I can have any man I want." Mike, for his part, seemed to be paying no attention to her, but every now and then I caught him looking at her the way guys do when they're trying to check out a girl and don't want you to know.

I felt like my world was falling apart. This skinny bitch was looking at my husband like he was the next notch on her list of conquests. And who was I to stop her? I was short, (I'm 5'3"), a good 50 pounds overweight (damn holiday food) and had the self esteem of a thumbtack. I suppose I could have sat on her, but that would have been a bit rude at a Christmas party.

It was right then that I decided to change. This wasn't going to be the end of my story. What started as a desire to lose some chub soon became an obsession. People thought I was crazy. I didn't care. I was determined to make it work.

Along the way I tried a lot of the popular diets that were out there. Atkins, South Beach, Jorge Cruise... the list goes on. Each of these had their own appeal, but I found I just couldn't maintain them over the long run.
I needed something to help me lose weight that would stick over the long term.

That's when I stumbled on 
something that actually clicked....

See, after trying all of these diets, I knew what worked and what didn't. I knew what I had time to do and what just wasn't going to happen.  Anything that depended on me working out an hour a day and making complex gourmet meals was NOT going to happen for me. I just didn't have the time or energy.

So one day when I was watching the news, I saw a segment on weight loss and the solution hit me. I knew exactly what I had to do.

Within a week, I had plan of action and wasn't going to let anything get in my way of achieving the results I was looking for.

I thought I had it made!

Within a short period, I had achieved everything I thought I wanted.

I looked great, was maintaining it and wasn't spending every waking hour obsessing over my weight.

But something was missing...

So I had gotten what I wanted... I lost weight...why did I still feel so bad?

Because I had been working on the outside and had ignored the inside --I hadn't addressed the reasons I overate and worried that skinny bitches like Lisa were after my husband.
So now what?

It took some time, but I came up with the solution.

I figured out what made me fat and how to banish the deepest, darkest fears that drove me to overeat to start with!

And it worked. It worked so well, I was able to change everything about my life. My relationships deepened

The journey changed me

It made me into a better person. I overcame my fears along the way, so now I am more confident in myself. I also learned how to handle failure, so now I am more successful in whatever I do.

Here I am about 40 pounds lighter. Definitely on the right path!

And most importantly, now I get to help others.

When I was fat and miserable, I never had someone come up to me and say, “Michelle, your story has changed my life”.


But I've had people write me telling me that my metamorphosis has changed their life.

It enhanced the quality of their life. It has made them a better person, just as my journey has made me a better person.

So was it worth it? Yes!

And If I had to do it over again, I'd want it the exact same way.

So after all that, let me tell you what I’m not:

Look, I’m just a regular girl that’s married, has a life and is tired of the lies those marketing gurus keep selling us.  I’ve written down what I did to lose weight and what I do every day to keep the weight off for good. And I want to share it with you so you can become the person you always wanted to be!

How Would You Like A BS-Free Guide That Finally Shows You The Way?


I wrote "The Diet Survivor’s Guide To Weight Loss"  to drill down on exactly what you need to do without making crazy promises that we both know will never work.  

I’m going to teach you:  

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So Are You Ready To Finally Take Control Of Your Weight And Your Life?

If you’re ready to take the next step, I’ll be right here with you.  I want to offer you support and encouragement.  Most of all, I want to offer you the tools for you to take control of the things that have been holding you back for so long and finally conquer them once and for all.

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Talk soon,

P.S. Why $2.99 when I could be charging so much more for this information? Because I don't want money to be a reason that stops you from obtaining the change you desire. Yes, could sell this for much much more, but I want to help you. Will you let me?

P.P.S. Let me say this once again, this is not a fad or crash diet. You are going to learn how to change small habits, one at a time, to achieve ongoing weight loss. You are not going to starve. You won't give up eating out or enjoying the foods you love. You will stop being a victim of the diet industry and start being a healthy survivor that lives life to the fullest!

P.P.P.S. Remember, even if you’re simply curious, go ahead and order The Diet Survivor's Guide To Weight Loss today. You have 90 days to implement the simple habits I show you. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your new weight loss and life skills, then I’ll refund your money with no questions asked. What could be fairer-er? :-)



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