The holidays are right around the corner.  Halloween kicks off the festivities soon followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas.  For many of us, this is the hardest time of the year.  We can hold strong at birthday parties and anniversaries, but the triple whammie of the holidays is hard to beat.  Here are 5 ways to avoid a major meltdown. Read More ... Read More

Fish and chips is one of my all time favorites.  I can put away some serious amounts of deep fried haddock and fries.  Here’s a light version that with the right kitchen tools, is a snap to make.  You can use any potatoes you have on hand, but if you can find Yukon golds, they’re tops by me.  They have a slight sweetness and awesome texture.  Use... Read More

Last week, I talked about a site I really like called  I am a huge fan because they are very accepting of you regardless of where you are on your path to getting better.  You don’t have to be a gym bunny or elite athlete to call NerdFitness home.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I visit them.  :-)  Steve Kamb, the founder of the... Read More

Motivation is a tricky thing.  It’s seems to come and go as it pleases and never seems to be there when we need it most.  When there are doughnuts sitting on the counter that every one but you are enjoying, where is that motivation then?  Long gone.  Probably having a Boston Creme.  It’s in our moments of weakness that we can find our greatest strength.  When we’re tired and don’t want to work out, when we’re upset or stressed and just want to eat something to make it all go away.  Those are the moments... Read More

Yes, you can keep your sausage and pasta!  And if you always keep sausages on hand in the freezer, this is an instant supper that’s satisfying and simple.  Try substituting turkey sausage along with feta and spinach and adding oregano instead of thyme for a Greek twist.  Read More ... Read More

This is a video I came across on  It’s a great site that talks about many of the same habits I do here on the blog and in more detail in my book The Diet Survivor’s Guide To Weight Loss.  I encourage you to check out Sparkpeople and use it as a resource.  Here is Laura, who talks about how she used food journaling and exercise to get control of her secret eating (where you hide food and eat in secret so no one knows how much you eat).  It’s very inspiring and shows no matter your situation, you can change.    I’d... Read More

For years, I struggled with my past.  Bad memories of mistakes I’ve made or embarrassing things I’d done would pop up at very inconvenient times.  Generally when I was contemplating starting something new and it was a risk.  Or even more when I’d face a setback and was trying to move on.  The messages that would inevitably come up was that I... Read More

As a Southerner, you’d think I grew up loving grits.  Oh no.  I HATED grits.  As a kid, we had the instant kind in a packet.  It was so gross.  Even as an adult, I still don’t care for plain grits and butter.  However, start mixing in cheese, milk and other yum yums, and I start paying attention!  If you haven’t tried this Southern classic,... Read More

Perfection is a myth that many of us find ourselves chasing.  If we don’t stick to our eating plan 100% or if we miss a day of walking, then BAM!  The internal messages begin.  ”See?  You knew you couldn’t do this.”  ”You’re never going to lose weight.”  ”You ate too much for lunch, so you may as well have a big... Read More

 Fresh ginger adds zest to this light, modern version of the restaurant classic, while snow peas and water chestnuts add crunch and texture.  For a change, try shrimp or lean pork or beef instead of chicken. Read More ... Read More

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